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Summer Clothes Haul!

20 Aug

Think the best thing with booking a late deal holiday is the cheap holiday clothes in shops. It also amazes me how in August the most hottest month in other countries and when most people go on holiday, the shops feel the need to change the trend to Autumn fashion! I always have this problem, finding good summer clothes in August! But this year I was lucky! SALES have arrived late! I found it easy this year to get great purchases for cheaper than what I paid for clothes in July! Below are some of my recent purchases!

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Red Maxi Dress – Primark – £8 

Black Maxi Skirt – Ebay – £8 (including P&P) 

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Green Crop Top – RiverIsland (Sale) – £5 

TasselTop – Primark (OceanClub) (Sale) – £2 

Aztec Crop Top – SC&CO  (Sale) – £5