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What Really Happens In Kavos

11 Sep

On the week of September 2nd 2013, I embarked on my second holiday this summer, I visited the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece. Unfortunately, I did not visit the beautiful, peaceful, clear blue sea parts. I went to the well known, party town, south of the island. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you would not of seen the Channel 4 documentary based on this town, called ‘What Happens In Kavos.’ Kavos is well known for its late night parties, easy and I mean easy lads and girls and of course the chance of getting an STI more than a natural tan. I had my doubts when booking the holiday but with it only costing me £229 for seven days, eight nights, I couldn’t complain and started packing my 15kg suitcase with my best friend. 

Kavos to me was different to the other party holidays (Club 18-30), I’ve been to Magaluf and Ibiza so I was well clued up on what to expect but Kavos shocked me, Firstly it’s a lot smaller than the other places, less bars and less clubs, but this was an advantage. When an event was on you knew that is where every young person would be. We didn’t think this and missed the ‘Paint Party’ cause it was our first night and we thought it was just some greek man trying to sell us a ticket to something no one would be, but turned out it was the main event for the week! 

For the sex side of the holiday, there was none! but not because i’m dog ugly or hard to get, it was just their wasn’t anyone who interested me or I found attractive, most the guys seemed to off just left high school and be really young or really old! How people get an STI is a question! 

The drinks are so cheap and tasteful, the well known ‘Headfucker’ was a magic mixture in a cup! I lived off them all week, it’s 9 spirits in one drink topped with a small amount of juice, the thought of nine spirits could make anyone stomach turn but they were really tasty and got me drunk so quickly, and they were only 5euros, If my club in Chester sold them, they’d be at least £15! All the drinks are cheap and laughing gas was only 3euros! For the whole week I only spent £500, that was self catering and we stayed in twice due to my friend having a hangover from hell, but out of Magaluf and Ibiza it was the cheapest destination. 

To end the week, we went to the Full Moon Party which is a small version of the Thailand Beach, Full Moon Party. This included fireworks, drinks in small beach buckets, bbq and a great DJ. This was the perfect end to the holiday and made me so happy, dancing in the sea and sand with perfect strangers and your best friend, what more could a girl want? We got a t-shirt which everyone wore! 

If you’re looking at a Summer Holiday for 2014, I’d def recommend Kavos over Magaluf and Ibiza this place is perfect if your a boy and girl in a relationship as their isn’t much temptation and its small.