It hard to summarize yourself in so many words and characters without getting big headed or over the top and brag, but here is my attempt. 

This fine lady, well discard fine, this lady is moi. I am known as ‘Bea’ but my real name is; Bethan. Bethan is the welsh name for Elizabeth. I tell you this as I am Welsh “Cymru am Byth!” I live in sunny north wales, on the border between England and Wales, so I don’t have a strong accent, if anything my accent is a bit scouse as many of my friends tell me.  I’ve lived in Wales all my life, which is a whole 21 years! 

I’m currently in my third year of university, studying ‘Animal Science.’ I’ve also had a strong passion for animal welfare and conservation, I blame Disney for this wild obsession with animals I have.  I may not be able to tell you every specie on this planet, but I can role of a list of animal legislation and rights. Once I’ve graduated, EEEK! i hope to move to America do a year internships in random sanctuary with big cats and then move to my dream country, Africa and work as a big cat conservationist and protecting wild big cats in game reserves.  


I am a single, and looking, I’ve had my fair few heartbreaks, so i’m always a chicken when it comes to romance, and instead of having a moonlight meal, i’d rather have a farting competition in bed, hence why i’m single, i’m not your typical girl.  

I don’t know what really else to say tbh! If you have any questions, follow me on twitter and ask away; 



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