13 Aug
I’ve only just started this blog and I’ve not got many followers YET! but I really, really want to do some tagged posts and I stumbled across this one and thought it be great to do. 
1. How long have you been blogging?
roughly two days with this blog, but had a previous blog which i did for four months, but had to delete it as my friends found it and was scared about what they would read.
 2. What is the newest product(s) you have purchased?
Another one of the ‘Kate, Rimmel’ lipsticks and some eye shadow base from Boots. 
3. Have you been on a spending ban? If so, for how long?
Ermm no not really, I guess a month before I go on holiday, I force myself to stop going out to clubs or to shops to buy outfits I don’t really need so I can save money.
4. What is the oldest item(s) in your makeup collection? 
Probably a month old, its unhealthy to keep make up over six months and plus I don’t know how people can make them last that long! I only buy make up, I know I will use. 
5. Is there a product you have wanted for more than a year?
Erm, I’ve always wanted to purchase MAC make up, but the closest shop to me that sells that make up is Manchester Airport and that is a hour drive away! & Have to book a holiday.
6. Do you impulse buy?
I hate leaving a shop without buying something, I always feel guilty, but I have this feeling whenever I feel like I’m going to spend a lot I can’t. I’m ok if its less than twenty pounds any more than that, I always get this feeling in the back of my head, like “ummm, bea you shouldn’t really spend this much money on one thing.”
7. Do you rush to buy things that are limited edition?
The only thing I have ever stocked up on that was ‘limited edition’ was the Dairy Milk – Strawberries & Cream chocolate, only because me and my mother are obsessed with them. 
8. Do you buy products on their release date?
Not Really. 
9. Do you keep products past their recommended expiry date?
No like I said before, Make Up normally comes in small containers and I end up using it up WAAAAAY before the expiry date. 
10. How long do you hold on to a product for when it is running low?
I am such a scraper, seriously I use everything till it is bone dry and no sign of life. I always end up running out of make up when payday is no where in sight! 
11. Do you buy products if they claim to have a long wearing time?
I try them, but never had much look with them so I tend to just buy what I think will look good and read reviews before making a new purchase. 
12. Do you keep your makeup seasonal, i.e pastels in Spring and plums in Autumn?
indeed, summer I’ll be wearing pink lipstick, whiteish eyeshadow. Winter, smokey brown eyes and hardly any lipsticks. 
13. How long does it take you to do your makeup in the morning?
Ermm getting ready about fifteen minutes, If i’m going to work or uni I normally stick to the same techniques and put it on the same as every day, but if its getting ready for going out it can normally take up to an hour when trying something new. 
14. What part of your makeup routine takes you the longest?
Always my eyes, I spend ages putting on mascara. I have really clear skin, so foundation doesn’t take long.
So this is my first make up tag! as I’m not really following many people yet, my mission for you lovely people is to go your own way and do this! leave a comment when you’ve done it and i’ll check it out!
Bea x  

One Response to “TAGGED!”

  1. kflowermaquillage at 7:01 am #

    I love doing tags too 🙂
    I’d love it if you could check out my beauty blog. I’m a makeup artist from Australia 🙂

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