11 Aug

On July 7th 2013, I jetted off to the well know island of Ibiza. Ibiza is known for its stylish fashionable girls, sunsets and of course, the partying. Before I went, I read a lot of magazine articles on Ibiza and I was so excited, but I must of gone to the wrong Ibiza to everyone else. The Ibiza I went to was a smelly dirty beach, rude guys, overcrowded beach watching the sunset and the clubs were so over packed it felt like I was getting crushed to death and if I hear one more ‘house music’ song I will kill myself. 

Don’t get myself wrong, there is nothing more than I love than getting dolled up, music pumping and drinking and dancing in clubs, I go out every week back home and I’ve been Magaluf the previous year and loved it, but Ibiza just didn’t do it for me! 

To start with, I think the main cause of this bad experience was the people I went with. I didn’t go with my normal group of friends, I went with some people from high school who I hardly speak to normally, Don’t get me wrong, they’re such a lovely group of people, but I would of had a better time if I could go with people I speak to all the time and I couldn’t have to hold back myself most the time, I spent most the holiday trying not to annoy them with my normal habits and this sometimes made me angry as I wasn’t being myself. The group dynamics were not good as well, a couple, two lads who had an unbreakable ‘bromance’ and then me, so i was the odd one, I needed another female with me, as I didn’t really have a single companion with me! 

The clubs were outstanding! When walking in, I was blown away i’d never seen anything like them before! They are so big and expensive! I felt like an celebrity, that was until thousand more people came in, and had sweaty men with their shirts off rubbing up and down against you, people off their face on drugs they looked like zombies, crawling at you to get a 8euro bottle of water.

I think drugs were the main problem on this island, people constantly approaching you asking if you’ve got ‘charlie’, ‘pills.’ its annoying! no. I don’t understand why you feel the need to get that wasted you can’t remember the night! I nearly through up, when I saw a girl same aged as me, pick up her friends sandal and lick it for a tiny bit of coke! she spent the past twenty minutes after than using me as a post to lean on. I drink, I drink a lot, I get drunk a lot, but sorry i’m not spending 50euros to forget the night! I want to remember how good calvin harris, rudimental , katy b and knife party were. If I could recommend anything it to be splash out that extra 20euros and go VIP. 

The bars on the ‘The West End’ were better than the clubs in my opinion, but still full of high chavs and the same house music overplayed. If you want to go see some good dj’s my fav place was the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, we saw Example there and he was good, plus if you’re not up for getting crushed in the crowd the back is quite and you can still see them clearly as its not a big area. 

I liked Ibiza, but I wouldn’t return, I’m glad I went, but don’t believe all the over hypness of it all! It is dirty and expensive and if you ever wonder where Vicky Pollard went she’s in Amnesia Club licking peoples sandals for drugs, give her a punch in the face from me! 

Bea x 


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