What Really Happens In Kavos

11 Sep

On the week of September 2nd 2013, I embarked on my second holiday this summer, I visited the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece. Unfortunately, I did not visit the beautiful, peaceful, clear blue sea parts. I went to the well known, party town, south of the island. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you would not of seen the Channel 4 documentary based on this town, called ‘What Happens In Kavos.’ Kavos is well known for its late night parties, easy and I mean easy lads and girls and of course the chance of getting an STI more than a natural tan. I had my doubts when booking the holiday but with it only costing me £229 for seven days, eight nights, I couldn’t complain and started packing my 15kg suitcase with my best friend. 

Kavos to me was different to the other party holidays (Club 18-30), I’ve been to Magaluf and Ibiza so I was well clued up on what to expect but Kavos shocked me, Firstly it’s a lot smaller than the other places, less bars and less clubs, but this was an advantage. When an event was on you knew that is where every young person would be. We didn’t think this and missed the ‘Paint Party’ cause it was our first night and we thought it was just some greek man trying to sell us a ticket to something no one would be, but turned out it was the main event for the week! 

For the sex side of the holiday, there was none! but not because i’m dog ugly or hard to get, it was just their wasn’t anyone who interested me or I found attractive, most the guys seemed to off just left high school and be really young or really old! How people get an STI is a question! 

The drinks are so cheap and tasteful, the well known ‘Headfucker’ was a magic mixture in a cup! I lived off them all week, it’s 9 spirits in one drink topped with a small amount of juice, the thought of nine spirits could make anyone stomach turn but they were really tasty and got me drunk so quickly, and they were only 5euros, If my club in Chester sold them, they’d be at least £15! All the drinks are cheap and laughing gas was only 3euros! For the whole week I only spent £500, that was self catering and we stayed in twice due to my friend having a hangover from hell, but out of Magaluf and Ibiza it was the cheapest destination. 

To end the week, we went to the Full Moon Party which is a small version of the Thailand Beach, Full Moon Party. This included fireworks, drinks in small beach buckets, bbq and a great DJ. This was the perfect end to the holiday and made me so happy, dancing in the sea and sand with perfect strangers and your best friend, what more could a girl want? We got a t-shirt which everyone wore! 

If you’re looking at a Summer Holiday for 2014, I’d def recommend Kavos over Magaluf and Ibiza this place is perfect if your a boy and girl in a relationship as their isn’t much temptation and its small.







Summer Clothes Haul!

20 Aug

Think the best thing with booking a late deal holiday is the cheap holiday clothes in shops. It also amazes me how in August the most hottest month in other countries and when most people go on holiday, the shops feel the need to change the trend to Autumn fashion! I always have this problem, finding good summer clothes in August! But this year I was lucky! SALES have arrived late! I found it easy this year to get great purchases for cheaper than what I paid for clothes in July! Below are some of my recent purchases!

Embedded image permalink

Red Maxi Dress – Primark – £8 

Black Maxi Skirt – Ebay – £8 (including P&P) 

Embedded image permalink

Green Crop Top – RiverIsland (Sale) – £5 

TasselTop – Primark (OceanClub) (Sale) – £2 

Aztec Crop Top – SC&CO  (Sale) – £5 


Track Of The Week

20 Aug

If you love nothing more than going out with your girls and showing your drunken beyonce moves off, then check this song out!

I first heard it on the boohoo advert and as soon as the advert was over, I did an internet search and found it, it’s now downloaded and on my ‘Kavos Playlist.’

Let us know what you think!

Bea x


18 Aug



If you’ve been reading my other posts you’ll understand that my ‘Summer Holiday’ this year wasn’t as good as I assumed it would be. My friend wanted to come to Ibiza with us, but at the time she didn’t have the funds for it, but now she does so we decided to book a holiday to MALIA, SAYYY UHHH AHH MALIA! for the first week in September as a final goodbye to a good summer.

Yesterday me and my friend, Hollie, took a trip to a shopping park and went to ‘Thomas Cook’ we knew the hotel we wanted, we even knew the price! Thomas Cook you let us down! epic fails! We first went in and got given an middle aged woman as soon as we said ‘Club 18-30’ she said she’d put us with somebody else more our age, which is understandable, but she put us with a girl our age, but the older woman would of been more help.

The woman we had didn’t understand that we weren’t going to pay over £250! We knew the holidays were cheaper as we looked online, she kept offering us £300 holidays, me and hollie were on a budget and we weren’t going to pay more than £250. She couldn’t even find the hotel we wanted, when I found it online, on their website, the morning before we went and this morning as well!  We got a quote from her, we wanted to shop around at other travel agents before making a final decision.  We read the quote and she put, extra baggage, extra flight meals etc on the quote! We’re not idiots.

We then went into Thomson, we were welcomed really nicely and even had a friendly discussion with the woman on the front desk, we were given somebody our age again and she found cheaper quotes for Malia. She then suggested if we’re looking for a cheap holiday that Kavos is much nicer and cheaper and has a better reputation than Malia, she showed us some pictures, the prices and we even all laughed and then me and Hollie decided last minute to book Kavos. The girl that served us, was really friendly and helpful, she even convinced Hollie to purchase travel insurance, I knew I could  get some online for a fiver!

So on the 2nd September 2013 I am going to Kavos! Staying in the Alexander Hotel on the beach front, if anybody has ever been to Kavos or stayed in that hotel please, please comment with some tips! I’m really excited! eeeep!

Keep Your Feet On The Ground, When Your Heads In The Clouds – How To Deal With Sore Feet

15 Aug

I am not good with dealing with pain, I can’t stand pain! and I always seem to get achy feet! I work part-time in fast food and have eight hour shifts where I don’t sit down once. Constantly standing up really hurts my feet, I get a sharp pain on the balls of my feet, but with my horrible experiences I have learnt little small ways with dealing with the pain which I am going to share with you!

1- Firstly prepare your feet! – It’s no good going to work or out without preparing your feet. If you know you have a long shift ahead of you, simply take a spare pair of socks and some different shoes to wear for travelling. Each shoe has a different feel on your foot, makes you walk differently or stand differently, a change with help your foot, socks will also refresh your feet and prevent excess sweating. Sometimes I think its best to put insoles in your shoes, you get get some cheap ones from ‘Poundland’ just for a £1! They may not be the best, but it’s still a little bit of extra cushion for your feet.

2- When getting home, bath your feet in freezing cold water for half an hour, then for another half an hour bath them in hot water, this get the muscles working and you’ll be able to withhold your feet for more hours in work. I don’t know the scientific reason behind this, but it really helps me!

3- MASSAGE! – get your boyfriend/girlfriend, mother or even your cat to massage your feet! use body lotion, it feels so good and it relaxes the muscles.

These tips below are also good for wearing heels on a night out!

– Avoid sitting down – you won’t get back up!

– NEVER, NEVER, NEVER take them off! – when were heels your feet WILL hurt, but never take your heels off, your feet will swell whilst wearing heels, when you take them off you’ll have to put them back on and when you put them back on they’ll hurt ten times more, basically because your feet have just simply swelled and the heels don’t fit.

-MOVE AROUND A LOT -never stand still, just move or dance!


13 Aug
I’ve only just started this blog and I’ve not got many followers YET! but I really, really want to do some tagged posts and I stumbled across this one and thought it be great to do. 
1. How long have you been blogging?
roughly two days with this blog, but had a previous blog which i did for four months, but had to delete it as my friends found it and was scared about what they would read.
 2. What is the newest product(s) you have purchased?
Another one of the ‘Kate, Rimmel’ lipsticks and some eye shadow base from Boots. 
3. Have you been on a spending ban? If so, for how long?
Ermm no not really, I guess a month before I go on holiday, I force myself to stop going out to clubs or to shops to buy outfits I don’t really need so I can save money.
4. What is the oldest item(s) in your makeup collection? 
Probably a month old, its unhealthy to keep make up over six months and plus I don’t know how people can make them last that long! I only buy make up, I know I will use. 
5. Is there a product you have wanted for more than a year?
Erm, I’ve always wanted to purchase MAC make up, but the closest shop to me that sells that make up is Manchester Airport and that is a hour drive away! & Have to book a holiday.
6. Do you impulse buy?
I hate leaving a shop without buying something, I always feel guilty, but I have this feeling whenever I feel like I’m going to spend a lot I can’t. I’m ok if its less than twenty pounds any more than that, I always get this feeling in the back of my head, like “ummm, bea you shouldn’t really spend this much money on one thing.”
7. Do you rush to buy things that are limited edition?
The only thing I have ever stocked up on that was ‘limited edition’ was the Dairy Milk – Strawberries & Cream chocolate, only because me and my mother are obsessed with them. 
8. Do you buy products on their release date?
Not Really. 
9. Do you keep products past their recommended expiry date?
No like I said before, Make Up normally comes in small containers and I end up using it up WAAAAAY before the expiry date. 
10. How long do you hold on to a product for when it is running low?
I am such a scraper, seriously I use everything till it is bone dry and no sign of life. I always end up running out of make up when payday is no where in sight! 
11. Do you buy products if they claim to have a long wearing time?
I try them, but never had much look with them so I tend to just buy what I think will look good and read reviews before making a new purchase. 
12. Do you keep your makeup seasonal, i.e pastels in Spring and plums in Autumn?
indeed, summer I’ll be wearing pink lipstick, whiteish eyeshadow. Winter, smokey brown eyes and hardly any lipsticks. 
13. How long does it take you to do your makeup in the morning?
Ermm getting ready about fifteen minutes, If i’m going to work or uni I normally stick to the same techniques and put it on the same as every day, but if its getting ready for going out it can normally take up to an hour when trying something new. 
14. What part of your makeup routine takes you the longest?
Always my eyes, I spend ages putting on mascara. I have really clear skin, so foundation doesn’t take long.
So this is my first make up tag! as I’m not really following many people yet, my mission for you lovely people is to go your own way and do this! leave a comment when you’ve done it and i’ll check it out!
Bea x  

The Perks Of Stars…

12 Aug

Tonight is the magical wonder that always stuns me, meteor shower.  Nothing is more magical in the world than the sky above us, I could sit for hours watching. I’m blessed to live in the country side, there is still a bit of light pollution and some nights don’t see the stars but most nights when the sky is clear you notice them.

Every now and then, I will have a look at the sky and notice how tiny and pea-sized the stars look. I end up coming up with the same realization that my two small eyes are receiving light from a huge, celestial body that is hundred of times bigger than the sun and trillions of miles further. The stars are roughly 36 trillion miles away from Earth, a distance which, in order to cover, I would have to run around the Earth in a straight line 932 million times and no matter where I am stood on the planet I will receive the same night time vision. This small realization always reminds me how spectacular the little things in life can be, and this brings a small smile to my face.

Watching the stars









12 Aug

I love music so much and I just had to share this video and band I came across the other day, I’m not a trend follower, it takes me months to find something I truly love and my itunes playlists are filled with a range of different music genres.

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of ‘Kodaline’ but this music video and lyrics touched me so much, prob cause I can relate, being a bigger size than normal, its hard to get a guys attention or taken seriously, I just loved this music video and song so much. Thank you Kodaline.

Bea x 

“Every Girl, Needs A Man, That Will Ruin Her Lipstick, Not Her Mascara”

12 Aug


‘Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together’ – Elizabeth Taylor.

This quote could not be more suited! I love all lip make up! nothing finishes off a beautiful make up face than a gloss over the lips and don’t get me started on all the different colors and shades you can get, one for each mood in fact. This post is simply me telling you beautiful ladies, what I find is the best high street lipstick out there for you.

Firstly, take into considering when purchasing lip make up, your hair color, skin tone and eye color. One color may look good on another girl, but not on you. Sadly me and my best friend learnt this the hard way.  I have bright blonde hair, greenly blue eyes and a natural olive skin tone. My best friend has pale skin, dark brunette hair and blue eyes, our lipsticks could not be more different, see pic below!


This picture was taken last Saturday night, we we’re heading to a 21st party fancy dressed themed ‘Rock’ so we decided to go as ‘The Runaways’ myself as Cherrie Currie and my friend as Joan Jett.  The picture isn’t very good quality, but you can kinda tell the different shades between our lipsticks. We both took a trip down to Boots and purchased some lipstick from the ‘Kate, Rimmel’ collection. I purchased number ’22’ which is a light red tone it was £5.49, and my friend purchased a slightly pink color for the same price.  The Kate lipstick at first is hard to put on, not much going on at one go so you have to keep putting it on, we also found that it didn’t stay on our lips for very long! no we weren’t kissing lads, we we’re just drinking, lipstick ended up on my chin and my nose and I hadn’t touched my lips or wiped! I’d only drank from the bottle! Ended us up most the night drinking from a straw and making toilet trips every half n hour to put it on again and wipe my face, was a lot of effort.

My favorite lipstick/lipgloss at the moment is the ‘Rimmel Apocalips’ it’s so cheap as well! In Boots they had an offer on, not sure if its still there, but its 2 for £10! if you’re with a friend, go half’s and get one each, only a fiver each!

I have two of these bad boys, I have the shade third from the left, and the shade second from the right.  I love these so much, they stay on for hours, don’t smudge 😉 and make your lips stand out and ‘pump’ giving you irresistible lips or as my friends call them something else, which I shall no repeat on my ‘innocent’ blog.  My tip is put on a similar lipstick on before applying the lip gloss and put the lip gloss over, this just add mores defiance to your lips and gives your lips a base.  Below is a pic of me wearing the lip gloss shade second from the right.


So relating back to my blog post title, if you are a male and ruin my lipstick, you’ll have a tough job as i’m wearing the best, but it’s always better to try and ruin my lipstick than my mascara!

If you’ve purchased any lipsticks/lip glosses which think deserve a mention, please leave a comment below and I shall give them ago! thank you for reading

Bea x 


11 Aug

On July 7th 2013, I jetted off to the well know island of Ibiza. Ibiza is known for its stylish fashionable girls, sunsets and of course, the partying. Before I went, I read a lot of magazine articles on Ibiza and I was so excited, but I must of gone to the wrong Ibiza to everyone else. The Ibiza I went to was a smelly dirty beach, rude guys, overcrowded beach watching the sunset and the clubs were so over packed it felt like I was getting crushed to death and if I hear one more ‘house music’ song I will kill myself. 

Don’t get myself wrong, there is nothing more than I love than getting dolled up, music pumping and drinking and dancing in clubs, I go out every week back home and I’ve been Magaluf the previous year and loved it, but Ibiza just didn’t do it for me! 

To start with, I think the main cause of this bad experience was the people I went with. I didn’t go with my normal group of friends, I went with some people from high school who I hardly speak to normally, Don’t get me wrong, they’re such a lovely group of people, but I would of had a better time if I could go with people I speak to all the time and I couldn’t have to hold back myself most the time, I spent most the holiday trying not to annoy them with my normal habits and this sometimes made me angry as I wasn’t being myself. The group dynamics were not good as well, a couple, two lads who had an unbreakable ‘bromance’ and then me, so i was the odd one, I needed another female with me, as I didn’t really have a single companion with me! 

The clubs were outstanding! When walking in, I was blown away i’d never seen anything like them before! They are so big and expensive! I felt like an celebrity, that was until thousand more people came in, and had sweaty men with their shirts off rubbing up and down against you, people off their face on drugs they looked like zombies, crawling at you to get a 8euro bottle of water.

I think drugs were the main problem on this island, people constantly approaching you asking if you’ve got ‘charlie’, ‘pills.’ its annoying! no. I don’t understand why you feel the need to get that wasted you can’t remember the night! I nearly through up, when I saw a girl same aged as me, pick up her friends sandal and lick it for a tiny bit of coke! she spent the past twenty minutes after than using me as a post to lean on. I drink, I drink a lot, I get drunk a lot, but sorry i’m not spending 50euros to forget the night! I want to remember how good calvin harris, rudimental , katy b and knife party were. If I could recommend anything it to be splash out that extra 20euros and go VIP. 

The bars on the ‘The West End’ were better than the clubs in my opinion, but still full of high chavs and the same house music overplayed. If you want to go see some good dj’s my fav place was the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, we saw Example there and he was good, plus if you’re not up for getting crushed in the crowd the back is quite and you can still see them clearly as its not a big area. 

I liked Ibiza, but I wouldn’t return, I’m glad I went, but don’t believe all the over hypness of it all! It is dirty and expensive and if you ever wonder where Vicky Pollard went she’s in Amnesia Club licking peoples sandals for drugs, give her a punch in the face from me! 

Bea x